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0468781094 or +61468781094

Sadie * commented 2021-05-08
Cheater! Be careful!


0455768420 or +61455768420

Baker Holiday * commented 2021-05-08
They call that the daughter is in a difficult situation, etc. "DIVORCE FOR MONEY"


0452634300 or +61452634300

Oliver Mercer * commented 2021-05-08
A fraudster represented by a bank employee.


0452147854 or +61452147854

Ronald Goldman * commented 2021-05-08
They call all day when I answer silence


0439732882 or +61439732882

Kelly Sykes * commented 2021-05-08
They called me at 12 o'clock in the morning


0257168767 or +61257168767

Cathleen Fyffe commented 2021-05-08
I received a message from this number purporting to be Amazon and asking me to verify a purchase of an Ipad which I hadn't purchased


0413274885 or +61413274885

Chen commented 2021-05-07
Received a call from this number telling me someone died and I'm on the person's will. I'm Pretty sure its a scammer. A kid's voice. Be careful out there folks.


0404460211 or +61404460211

Matt * commented 2021-05-07
Caller said that he was from Microsoft and I had big problems with the PC, asked me to install the Anydesk program to fix this. Do not believe this is a scammer who wants to take over all the data from your computer


0410840759 or +61410840759

Amanda * commented 2021-05-07
These calls are most like scam


0413245525 or +61413245525

John * commented 2021-05-07
Caller did not answer me, just hung up after a few seconds


0418214492 or +61418214492

Ralph * commented 2021-05-07
Strange calls designed for a call back


0488828020 or +61488828020

Satan Claus * commented 2021-05-07
Some users have signed this phone number as "Kids With Cancer Raffle".


0862053935 or +61862053935

Chosen One commented 2021-05-07
Scammers, asking about vehicle accidents. Do not give them any information.


0262626197 or +61262626197

Bonnie Cridland commented 2021-05-07
SCAM , pre recorded message to say my tax file number was suspended


0282406320 or +61282406320

Dan commented 2021-05-07
Spam caller, won't leave details, short ring hangup


0291899829 or +61291899829

M. Sheehan commented 2021-05-07
Multiple automated calls from this number telling me my phone & internet will be cut off in 24 hours asking me to press 1 to speak to a technician. I believe this is a scam


0428581630 or +61428581630

Young commented 2021-05-07
Someone called me on this number, claiming my internet would soone be cut off. I hung up straight away and call the number back with my land line (a silent number). The guy who picked up my call was a completely defferent voice. I informed him that his number was posibly used by somebody else who claimed to be from an internet provider.


0384006177 or +61384006177

yragjp commented 2021-05-07
This number has phoned me a number of times but hangs up when I pick up.


0450952000 or +61450952000

Erin Workman commented 2021-05-07
This number is used in a scam attempt threatening legal action in an active Canberra Court case unless I press 1 to give information. This is the 4th attempt but always using a different number that does not respond when I call back useng a different phone


0447175221 or +61447175221

Graham commented 2021-05-07
Scam not telstra