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Last comments


0463799120 or +61463799120

Fred Nurk commented 2020-08-07
A female robot voice with an American accent started telling me it was a call from Home Affairs and I was in some kind of trouble. I hung up.


0405987136 or +61405987136

Geoff commented 2020-08-07
Scam text message supposedly from Optus. Wanting account confirmation to avoid account deactivation. Suspect it is looking for Apple ID or other security information. Suggest blocking number and delete message.


0451713241 or +61451713241

Scammer commented 2020-08-06
Pretending to be frkm Ausyralian governement. FRAUD IDENTUTY THIEVES. INDIAN ACCENT AND CHINESE ACCENTS.


0386588013 or +61386588013

Trevor * commented 2020-08-06
The caller is suspected of committing fraudulent activities and attempting to acquire personal information.


0386927885 or +61386927885

Frank * commented 2020-08-06
I think that these calls are made using the Internet through a special program and therefore it is not possible to find a real owner.


0390060153 or +61390060153

Dave * commented 2020-08-06
Help me deal with these constant calls. Maybe someone knows how to stop it?


0425351578 or +61425351578

Sean * commented 2020-08-06
Some users have signed this phone number as "Bill Bills Removalist Mover Sydney".


0432687084 or +61432687084

Satan Claus * commented 2020-08-06
There are 271 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Aussie Spam".


0254809046 or +61254809046

Not a telstra customer commented 2020-08-06
Got a robo call from thus number declaring to be telstra an cut off my wifi tomorrow


0739003914 or +61739003914

Charlie Jorgansen commented 2020-08-06
This was obviously another Indian scam caller, can’t call the number back, he hung up when I challenged him, uneducated slackers.