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Last comments


0392895589 or +61392895589

Anne Shotton commented 2020-10-01
annoying repetitive calls daily. recorded message american? accent. want money.


0402693086 or +61402693086

Anon commented 2020-10-01
Called my number early morning only rang once so could not pick it up but it still woke me.


0731413313 or +61731413313

Phelix * commented 2020-09-30
The call was at 1.10 a.m., but we didn’t have time to answer when the call back was already turned off, we are afraid that it was something urgent and important


0894975375 or +61894975375

Duke * commented 2020-09-30
This number called me today all day, I got 12 calls


0289125630 or +61289125630

Gary * commented 2020-09-30
As a result of searching for information about this phone number, I didn’t find out anything sensible


0383964454 or +61383964454

Jason * commented 2020-09-30
I need the name of this scammer


0488862165 or +61488862165

Hew * commented 2020-09-30
Automatically recorded message about suspicious activity on the Internet, for details click button 1


0872510023 or +61872510023

frank mc nally commented 2020-09-30
0872510023 may be a scammer


0395714402 or +61395714402

Josh commented 2020-09-30
Scammer who claims they are calling from Amazon.


0466553950 or +61466553950

Joshua commented 2020-09-30
An automated voice spoke about how the Homeland Affairs have a warrant of arrest against me and that my name was being used for criminal activities or something similar.