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Last comments


0395171443 or +61395171443

Kayla Ali * commented 2021-05-16
Constant night calls, disturbing, disturbing sleep. When you call back, there is silence or reset.


0394876250 or +61394876250

West * commented 2021-05-16
I received a message on my phone that I had lost my documents and they are asking for money to return them to me. Do not believe it, scammers do this.


0391027512 or +61391027512

Cecil * commented 2021-05-16
I want to know who owns this phone number.


0390916015 or +61390916015

Ultras * commented 2021-05-16
They called me and offered to get a loan. I think scammers.


0390529903 or +61390529903

Gabriela * commented 2021-05-16
Missed call. If you call this phone number, it will be unavailable. Only scammers do this.


0481119327 or +61481119327

June vidich commented 2021-05-15
I am looking for the owner of a phone number. I need to know who it is.


0399881965 or +61399881965

Nadia * commented 2021-05-15
I believe this number is being used by a scam / spam group


0399802304 or +61399802304

Vellions * commented 2021-05-15
Fraud, identity theft


0398506168 or +61398506168

Kornelia * commented 2021-05-15
Check if this number belongs to the bank.


0398044097 or +61398044097

Faith * commented 2021-05-15
this phone number is a scam.