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Last comments


0390916015 or +61390916015

Eugene * commented 2021-05-12
I found 6 missed calls from this number on my phone, but I don’t know who called and I don’t want to call back, maybe it's scammers


0391027512 or +61391027512

Charlie * commented 2021-05-12
Silent call, who and why is unknown


0394876250 or +61394876250

Derick * commented 2021-05-12
This is a scam. They talk about tax refunds and want to get hold of your personal information. Do not believe!


0395171443 or +61395171443

Basil * commented 2021-05-12
I don’t know anyone at Melbourne and I don't understand why they call me on my cell phone


0452147854 or +61452147854

Curtis * commented 2021-05-12
Calls from this number have been ongoing since the end of last year, I basically do not answer


0291323334 or +61291323334

Annon commented 2021-05-12
Indian call centre (apparently from telstra). Guy who called said his name was John Wilson. When I told him that he can shove his scam (my internet line was full of junk) he told me to F off. JUST ANOTHER INDIAN SCAM!!!


0737419972 or +61737419972

Jenny commented 2021-05-12
A company on behalf of the Australian Conservation because I signed one of their open letters.


0862053968 or +61862053968

Mike commented 2021-05-12
I missed a call from 08 6205 3968 and when I phoned back it was a very sharp call about if I was in a car accident....made a couple of more calls to verify this and the person was very rude and would not tell me anything and hung up each very careful with this is obviously a scam


0424917566 or +61424917566

Chat commented 2021-05-11
Scam number. Asking for money.


0395205063 or +61395205063

Robert * commented 2021-05-11
I am deaf and use only SMS and instant messengers. Everyone knows about it, but this number is trying to call me, which means he does not know me.