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0288394803 or +61288394803

MB commented 2021-01-12
Scam. Says they're from Capital Partners and I left my details on a financial services website - I did not. When I advised this was not true, he yelled at me, so I hung up and blocked the number.


0250162609 or +61250162609

jason whitfield commented 2021-01-12
I think this is an ebay scam, automated voice says your ebay account is about to be debited with a $200.00 gift card; if you didn't authorize press a designated number. DO NOT PRESS> They take a recording of your voice ("yes" "no" etc) & use it to verify purchases in your name. SCAM SCAM SCAM- HANG UP.


0433056199 or +61433056199

Peter Dingsdale commented 2021-01-12
Robo-call from 0433 056 299 claiming Dept of Human Services had started legal action against me and instructing me to avoid jail by pressing '1'. A transparent scam.


0436055560 or +61436055560

Panos commented 2021-01-12
Rang and then hung up immediately when I answered


0436421166 or +61436421166

Brenda commented 2021-01-11
I am In NZ, A text message received " Hi there - Your parcel has been held at our shipping centre. Please follow instructions here URL."


0382710141 or +61382710141

Donovan * commented 2021-01-11
I need information about everyone who can use this number


0383250950 or +61383250950

Lachlan * commented 2021-01-11
This number wakes me and my whole family with these night calls


0383306056 or +61383306056

Brennan * commented 2021-01-11
I'm looking for this spammer who calls me several times a week


0383634446 or +61383634446

Marveen * commented 2021-01-11
This number always rings at night. I don’t know the number, because I don’t call back and answer, but these calls bother me


0385779696 or +61385779696

Charlie * commented 2021-01-11
Calls and hangs up when I say Hello. Once I answered but I was silent, they didn’t hang up until I said who are you


0738093210 or +61738093210

Keryn commented 2021-01-11
Says disconnected, but wen googled comes up as a hotel phone number!


0888094208 or +61888094208

john commented 2021-01-11
someone claiming to be from telstra. did not know my name or my account number. scam


0436569341 or +61436569341

No commented 2021-01-11
0436569341 is a Scam number. It tells you you have been referred for Tax legal action and asks you to select "1" for more info. Don't select "1". Hang up and block the number.


0432033456 or +61432033456

scott commented 2021-01-11
Service Australia, Robot message threatening to close access because of suspicious activity surrounding my tax number


0434298252 or +61434298252

E.W. commented 2021-01-11
Telling that my isTFN suspended? SCAM!?


0481906209 or +61481906209

Jamie small commented 2021-01-11
said his name was "H" and was looking for some random male


0269174615 or +61269174615

Brian commented 2021-01-11
I receive the phone call from this number.


0497312119 or +61497312119

Neil Cooper commented 2021-01-11
Brisbane North Side


0407196566 or +61407196566

Jan commented 2021-01-11
Seems to be a scammer


0406749973 or +61406749973

little big commented 2021-01-11
some ju*kie ringing people at 1am and texting, only **ug add**** awake at that hour