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0280912093 or +61280912093

Ralph commented 2020-07-28
Scammers trying to get my tax file number. Block this number.


0558478071 or +61558478071

mark commented 2020-07-27
+61558478071 scam number


0422935589 or +61422935589

Tony commented 2020-07-27
Sent me an sms message on my UK mobile phone saying: Just spoke to Dad...I did read your fb message it looked like you had been hacked...let me know when you can speak...will call on messanger xxxx


0871270501 or +61871270501

Emily * commented 2020-07-27
An SMS came that I won a prize. This is a lie.


0865556879 or +61865556879

Henrry * commented 2020-07-27
They constantly call and are silent. Already tired, probably someone is indulging.


0488862100 or +61488862100

Mason * commented 2020-07-27
I am looking for the owner of a phone number. I need to know who it is.


0488802795 or +61488802795

Shirley * commented 2020-07-27
Who else has this number called? Already tired of my calls.


0488802614 or +61488802614

Alex * commented 2020-07-27
I want to say that scammers call from this phone number and cheat on money. Don't trust anyone or send money.


0451761816 or +61451761816

Petia commented 2020-07-27
Potential banking scam


0430161082 or +61430161082

Travis commented 2020-07-27
This was a scammer. They called me. Asked if my name was Travis. I said yes and they hung up.


0892179350 or +61892179350

Cee commented 2020-07-27
Call from auto voice claiming to be from FED's about an arrest warrant in my name


0884483011 or +61884483011

Km commented 2020-07-27
Rang me at 130am and did not leave a message. SPAM, DO NOT ANSWER


0393907649 or +61393907649

Jane Wright commented 2020-07-26
They tried to sell me illegal stuff, then got angry at me when I said no.


0393907649 or +61393907649

Mohamed Chakik commented 2020-07-26
This man is a scammer.


0488894265 or +61488894265

Yachua * commented 2020-07-26
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


0731198000 or +61731198000

Werdan * commented 2020-07-26
Number of crooks who cheat and take your money.


0894689091 or +61894689091

Pierre * commented 2020-07-26
Who is calling me? This phone number is not found anywhere.


0247510464 or +61247510464

Kohant * commented 2020-07-26
I am looking for a phone owner. I need to talk.


0261005368 or +61261005368

Heather * commented 2020-07-26
Who knows whose phone number this is? I want to know why they called me. Maybe someone knows.


0462540875 or +61462540875

Henry commented 2020-07-26
Just rang and only silence.