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0294520871 or +61294520871

MF commented 2021-01-08
Nuisance call stating they will direct debit me $399.99 for renewal of my computer services from a company I have never heard of.


0433681812 or +61433681812

Stanley commented 2021-01-08
this number 61433 681 812 is a scam


0288436619 or +61288436619

R wright commented 2021-01-08
this is a scammer


0279084152 or +61279084152

Michael Gagliano commented 2021-01-08
Called it back, auto reply for the lottery centre?


0411914367 or +61411914367

K commented 2021-01-08
Scam, trying to tell me that I had entered into a prize draw with JBStores and had won a prize.


0480023997 or +61480023997

Satyanarayana yerrajerla commented 2021-01-07
We must know person name who has contacted over phone as foreign citizen to wive out from fraudulent s.


0386379998 or +61386379998

Rob commented 2021-01-07
Nuisance fishing scam


0411020154 or +61411020154

Geoff commented 2021-01-07
I received a text message from this number advising that i had won a prize at my local JB Store. The last sentence said (you have w0n a gift) the won looks odd... zero instead o


0421822138 or +61421822138

George commented 2021-01-07
scam about prize from JB


0437688377 or +61437688377

J. Rogers commented 2021-01-07
This phone number is odd. Unknown caller. When you ring back it says the phone is disconnected. WT???


0437770263 or +61437770263

Troy commented 2021-01-07
Got a text message saying I made purchase last year from JB (Store) and by doing this I entered into their New Year Draw and apparently I have w0n a gift. Looks like a scam by the way they spelt w0n


0439283939 or +61439283939

Joe` commented 2021-01-07
got Scam call from this number


0457698205 or +61457698205

Dan commented 2021-01-07
Fake number, Calls to see if you're number is active. Usually followed by a scammer.


0478640219 or +61478640219

John commented 2021-01-07
Scam number saying they are JB store and I won a prize


0483810913 or +61483810913

Sarah commented 2021-01-07
This number is a scammer


0466281618 or +61466281618

Deb commented 2021-01-07
JB Hifi email text stating you have won something ? Scam or real?!?!


0436421166 or +61436421166

It's a scam commented 2021-01-07
I'm also in NZ and just now received "Your item has arrived at our distribution centre. Please complete your customs info Called the number and it wasn't reachable


0483865414 or +61483865414

Spammer commented 2021-01-06
It’s a spambot


0396895258 or +61396895258

Satan Claus * commented 2021-01-06
There are 13 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Fraud".


0398773824 or +61398773824

Satan Claus * commented 2021-01-06
There are 19 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Australian Market Research".