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0253466452 or +61253466452

Drew commented 2021-04-15
NBN Scam


0472504927 or +61472504927

Chris commented 2021-04-15
SCAM, dodgy link for parcel forwarding


0468470371 or +61468470371

Matt commented 2021-04-15
I guess it is a scam


0432329104 or +61432329104

Pauly commented 2021-04-14
This number is not to be trusted. Its a hack for your information. Picked up of kik app


0397334893 or +61397334893

Simon Bentley commented 2021-04-14
I was called by this number with regard to a banking scam for about £1000



Ben * commented 2021-04-14
Does this number exist? When I called back, it turned out that the number was not being serviced



Owen * commented 2021-04-14
I answered the call from this number, but did not say anything, on the other hand, there was silence too, until I said hello, then it immediately hung up.


0428042360 or +61428042360

Satan Claus * commented 2021-04-14
Some users have signed this phone number as "Custodial Group".


0481289159 or +61481289159

Satan Claus * commented 2021-04-14
There are 52 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Solar Company".


0488823018 or +61488823018

Satan Claus * commented 2021-04-14
There are 100 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Super Scam".


0438070271 or +61438070271

JS commented 2021-04-14
Did not answer and blocked it too bcos I suspect it is international spam call. I have no matters nor contacts related to +61 Australia. Have been receiving many calls from +61 numbers recently.


0431444202 or +61431444202

Jason commented 2021-04-14
Leaving a recorded message for a purchase I haven’t made on eBay and an option to dispute it by pressing one I just hung up had the same message about an hour earlier from a different number seems dodgy


0423514030 or +61423514030

Gia Trường commented 2021-04-14
The owner of this phone number +61423514030 orders cosmetics from Vietnam but they do not pay when we call and text, they block Facebook, and our phone cannot contact them.


0480006380 or +61480006380

na commented 2021-04-14
Unsolicited call telemarketer


0480004986 or +61480004986

Louise commented 2021-04-14
Someone has called twice from this number and left no voicemail message. The first time I called back I got a message that the messagebank was full. The next day when they called again, I called back and constantly got an engaged tone.


0435902270 or +61435902270

Liza commented 2021-04-14
Ebay scammer number +61435902270 recorded message announces you have been billed $720


0481979522 or +61481979522

Ben commented 2021-04-13
received a random call from this number. Dodgy as.



Kyle * commented 2021-04-13
At first I assumed that from this number they simply made a mistake, but when it called me again and again, I realized that this was not an accident, but spam


0390529904 or +61390529904

Barry * commented 2021-04-13
I think this is a scam call, but I can neither prove nor deny it.


0744505210 or +61744505210

Tom * commented 2021-04-13
This number is unfamiliar to me, I did not find information about it anywhere, so I am not going to answer or call back.