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0413353207 or +61413353207

Hugo * commented 2020-12-31
They said something about turning off my Internet ... These are scammers, don't trust them


0884642802 or +61884642802

Angel commented 2020-12-31
Called me and it was playing music. No answer


0482500795 or +61482500795

K commented 2020-12-30
Called 3 times at midnight No idea if persons phone and drunk or just someone having fun.


0418477795 or +61418477795

Bradley * commented 2020-12-30
My phone is torn from these spam calls, it repeats over and over.


0426228367 or +61426228367

Ryan * commented 2020-12-30
Spam This number calls constantly and hangs up


0429933739 or +61429933739

Shannon * commented 2020-12-30
An automatic voice informed me that my Internet will be shutdown. to connect with the operator, press button 1. This is a scam


0434771671 or +61434771671

Megan * commented 2020-12-30
A single call and shutdown, after a few minutes it repeats. What's happening?


0435721861 or +61435721861

Rupert * commented 2020-12-30
Who has any idea who owns this number?


0242219689 or +61242219689

R commented 2020-12-30
Annoying un-solicitored call centre or telemarker that calls around the same time each day


0478641593 or +61478641593

Scammy McScammer commented 2020-12-30
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0423474880 or +61423474880

M.Asmussen commented 2020-12-30
Phone rings, I answer, camera is on and the they hang up I'm a bit scared as no name is shown and camera is on without my acceptance. Number shows up as +61423474880. I am an elderly lady.


0481233774 or +61481233774

Name commented 2020-12-30
Gil +61481233774 / is an absolute idiot


0388205280 or +61388205280

victoria commented 2020-12-29
I got a mail from you on 24/12/2020. How i'm I sure this isn't a SCAM?


0279083660 or +61279083660

James commented 2020-12-29
It been rings my girlfriend


0451632841 or +61451632841

Richard * commented 2020-12-29
I was sent a message about the victory in the competition, where I won a 5 day cruise. To receive this gift I need to call back on this number. I have not participated in any contests or sweepstakes. These are definitely scammers.


0468915879 or +61468915879

Nelly * commented 2020-12-29
This number is phishing


0488827916 or +61488827916

Satan Claus * commented 2020-12-29
Some users have signed this phone number as "Dodo Spam".


0488828022 or +61488828022

Satan Claus * commented 2020-12-29
There are 49 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "St Kilda Pcyc".


0730187514 or +61730187514

Satan Claus * commented 2020-12-29
Some users have signed this phone number as "Jhon Miller".


0431456907 or +61431456907

Kelvin commented 2020-12-29
this number texts and says "thank you for your registration. Your approval pass code is XXXXXXX (crimestoppers said scam)