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0478893804 or +61478893804

Joyce commented 2020-11-18
This number belongs to scammers who text a bogus message and ask you to click on a link.


0478897594 or +61478897594

Joyce commented 2020-11-18
This number belongs to scammers who text a bogus message and ask you to click on a link.


0483871293 or +61483871293

Suspicious commented 2020-11-18
Random text message from this number saying I had a parcel waiting to be collected and to click a link starting with 'h t t p://' so without the 's' after the 'p' I know it's not a secure link and there did not click on it. No name, no company name.


0452644817 or +61452644817

Hayley commented 2020-11-18
Scam call claiming fraudulent activity regarding my personal tax file number. Recorded message asks to press one. I hung up and blocked said number.


0449904860 or +61449904860

Andrea * commented 2020-11-17
This number calls and hangs up, as soon as I answer, it happens 7 days a week, at same times


0477853769 or +61477853769

James * commented 2020-11-17
I do not know anyone who could use this number.


0881159435 or +61881159435

Walter * commented 2020-11-17
Not a reliable number, most likely spam


0894632399 or +61894632399

Ophelie * commented 2020-11-17
This is the number of scammers who hunt for personal data, real phishing under the guise of a bank


0399882270 or +61399882270

Melanie * commented 2020-11-17
Do not answer the call from this number if you do not want to waste your time, anyway, there will be no one at the other end of the line and the call will end


0504031775 or +61504031775

gdks commented 2020-11-17
Who are you?


0281324192 or +61281324192

El commented 2020-11-17
I answered and immediately hung up. Blocked


0468306298 or +61468306298

Gurjeet singh commented 2020-11-17
looks like its a scam. he calls on whats app


0412090614 or +61412090614

Nat commented 2020-11-17
Hung up before I answered. Then on my screen it showed - Missed Duo video call. I did not ring back. Apparently I have used Duo app once. Next to the number 0412090614 was the name Martinlut Herhomes, whom I do not know.


0453160362 or +61453160362

Viv commented 2020-11-17
I missed a call from this number, when i called back, it says" this number is disconnected". Must be a scam


0262601790 or +61262601790

Sreeju commented 2020-11-17
I got call from the above number and it was a recorded call stating the call is from ATO. I think it’s a Fake call.I suspend the call immediately.


0431259816 or +61431259816

Rick commented 2020-11-17
Scam robot call, tax file number and legal proceedings pending.


0478894355 or +61478894355

Geoffrey Patrick Scaramelli commented 2020-11-16
I received a strange most likely spam/virus link from this number to my mobile in NZ re a UPS order that isn't mine.


0522200291 or +61522200291

MOHAMMED commented 2020-11-16
I am looking for the owner of a phone number. I need to know who it is.


0478048197 or +61478048197

Harry * commented 2020-11-16
I do not answer unfamiliar numbers, but this number is very annoying, it rings 3-4 times a day and does not stop


0478192791 or +61478192791

Leonard * commented 2020-11-16
I don’t know why this number is called if it hangs up without waiting for an answer