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0421489194 or +61421489194

Rae commented 2020-11-11
called and did not speak when i answered phone... i waited and then they hung up! grrrhhhhhh


0290562355 or +61290562355

tom commented 2020-11-11
calls and hangs up...


0409491864 or +61409491864

Pg commented 2020-11-10
Wolfie Nick l


0290571630 or +61290571630

Sheryle * commented 2020-11-10
Cold call offering life insurance. Spam


0290942409 or +61290942409

Gregory * commented 2020-11-10
I suspect that this is a fraudster, said that he is our relative and asked for money


0291192586 or +61291192586

Alex * commented 2020-11-10
I got a strange call from this number and want to find out who it was?


0291373153 or +61291373153

Nadine commented 2020-11-10
I think it's scammers


0291374101 or +61291374101

John * commented 2020-11-10
Someone called me from this unknown number, I did not answer, I want to know who it belongs to


0454799756 or +61454799756

George commented 2020-11-10
This number called me and said they Telstra ,saying that my internet will be switched off if we don't do something. They never ask me any security info just when I mentioned they say I am in the system, lots of noise in background of Indian narrative.I hanged up and talk to telstra and they didn't know nothing about it.


0466272550 or +61466272550

Very nice commented 2020-11-10
I need to check this number


0290623375 or +61290623375

Peter J commented 2020-11-10
potential fraud


0436599593 or +61436599593

Peter Johnston commented 2020-11-10
Scam TXT final notice contact


0478894423 or +61478894423

Anonymous commented 2020-11-10
Asking for me be name, fake Lotto scam. AVOID.


0478903913 or +61478903913

Jenny commented 2020-11-09
Think this is a scam ....! Got a message sent to me in NZ. LOTTO is looking for Mr. or Mrs. and our surname in Tauranga. It's regarding the selection of your name. Click here:


0280065125 or +61280065125

sam commented 2020-11-09
I hope, it's not fake


0881159435 or +61881159435

John * commented 2020-11-09
I received a strange call this morning when I answered there was no one on the other side of the line


0894632399 or +61894632399

Paul * commented 2020-11-09
I got a silent call from this number


0399882270 or +61399882270

Eddie * commented 2020-11-09
This spam calls me today for the fourth time


0734651479 or +61734651479

Satan Claus * commented 2020-11-09
There are 67 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Budget Direct Insurance Australia".


0756380041 or +61756380041

Satan Claus * commented 2020-11-09
There are 27 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Mater Prize Homes".