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0423788630 or +61423788630

Dee commented 2020-09-16
Spam text. "You were chosen to receive 2500 AUD bonus, claim now"


0436337173 or +61436337173

Kathryn Strachan commented 2020-09-16
Someone called from 0436337173 - recorded message stating a case has been opened against me - I just hung up. Spam as if a case had been opened against me a person would talk to me and NOT call at 6:25pm.


0421600044 or +61421600044

belinda commented 2020-09-16
I received a phone call from this number with a recording stating that if i didn't press 1 i would have criminal action taken towards me.


0468512311 or +61468512311

I N Tolerant commented 2020-09-16
This number is part of an an ongoing scam and the operator of it should be charged with misuse of the telecommunications network then fined an also jailed.


0472723411 or +61472723411

U twaat commented 2020-09-15
Tru you twaat


0251047513 or +61251047513

Kit commented 2020-09-15
Is this a legit number?


0290300061 or +61290300061

Vincent * commented 2020-09-15
Calls and hangs up are ongoing for 2 days, I don’t know what it is


0410571284 or +61410571284

Neal * commented 2020-09-15
This spam number haunts me all day, seven days a week


0488823011 or +61488823011

Naomi * commented 2020-09-15
The caller talked about some kind of monetary debt and threatened me


0291129634 or +61291129634

Rachel * commented 2020-09-15
I think that this scammer called from this phone number.


0260642123 or +61260642123

Mary * commented 2020-09-15
Someone called me, but I did not answer, now I want to find out who it was


0460816395 or +61460816395

Wierdo commented 2020-09-15
Did u call me?


0421065713 or +61421065713

Tourtour commented 2020-09-15
Proclaiming to be from ATO. Re tax file number


0397942333 or +61397942333

S Rogers commented 2020-09-15
Call was an automated call stating that my land line and Internet had been used for illegal purposes, press 1 to speak to an operator. I pressed 1 and was connected to an operator. I asked what this was about and she repeated what the automated message said. I mentioned that this was strange as I did not have a land line and my Internet was wireless. She disconnected the call at this point. Beware and DO NOT give personal details to these people.


0394818459 or +61394818459

Ian Daft commented 2020-09-15
I am getting a lot of phone calls from people saying they are from Telstra, be leave it or no


0871232144 or +61871232144

Tony * commented 2020-09-14
This is a spam number, I'm sure of it


0261885929 or +61261885929

Paul * commented 2020-09-14
I don’t know anyone with that phone number, it calls often and does not leave voicemail


0290942412 or +61290942412

Lewis * commented 2020-09-14
I want to file a claim against the owner of the number for spam


0387518625 or +61387518625

Dave * commented 2020-09-14
I want to know who has so much health that would bother me with their calls in the middle of the night


0392649102 or +61392649102

Satan Claus * commented 2020-09-14
There are 294 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Spam National Hearing Care".