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0403236589 or +61403236589

Greta * commented 2020-09-03
This spam number called me three times today


0289583399 or +61289583399

Anonymous commented 2020-09-03
Caller left message from Dept of Home Affairs saying there is a warrant for my arrest and of my identity. I hung up and blocked the number


0244728646 or +61244728646

Sandra commented 2020-09-03
02 4472 8646 Your Internet provider has detected fraudulent activity.


0284063762 or +61284063762

Jane commented 2020-09-03
i received a call form +61284063762 in which a voicemail was left saying i had outstanding warrants and I should press 1 for more info. I did not do this. I rang the number back and it provides a disconnected number recording. Obviously a scam of some sort. I have no warrants


0280325639 or +61280325639

John commented 2020-09-03
Missed call. Called them back within seconds and "Optus advises the mobile number you have called has been disconnected" Mobile number?!


0260642003 or +61260642003

Kyle * commented 2020-09-02
There are 249 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Ato Scammer".


0261005369 or +61261005369

Stanley * commented 2020-09-02
Blocked this number due to previous comments


0272000660 or +61272000660

Ewe * commented 2020-09-02
There are 224 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Cancer Kids Spam".


0280156982 or +61280156982

Rachel * commented 2020-09-02
There are 598 complaints about spam on this phone number.


0280496150 or +61280496150

Satan Claus * commented 2020-09-02
Some users have signed this phone number as "Optus Nbn".


0893032046 or +61893032046

DANCUN GONSALVES commented 2020-09-02
HI! How r u and all.I think so well.Pray for us and our famely. Dancun +8801843603248


0484544893 or +61484544893

Jao commented 2020-09-02
Hello! this is Jao on behalf on Emirates NBD and this is regarding to your overdue accounts (CREDIT CARD) with us. what is the reasons behind for the non-payment? Please advise so we can better assist you in settling your account. Thankyou. Appreciate your swift response.


0460544279 or +61460544279

Nadia commented 2020-09-02
They keep sending texts using the name Liana claiming they forgot to give a document. The link leads to a scam website about making money. If called they don't pick up.


0488885746 or +61488885746

Lucas * commented 2020-09-01
It seems like someone decided to make me crazy calling my cell phone several times an hour daily


0478265651 or +61478265651

Tina * commented 2020-09-01
Terribly tired of calls from this number at different times of the day, even at night.


0488885747 or +61488885747

Ray * commented 2020-09-01
Stop calling me!


0480046097 or +61480046097

Aaron * commented 2020-09-01
I missed a call, but this number does not work when I called back.


0488863266 or +61488863266

Andrew * commented 2020-09-01
Calls that are too short to answer, apparently they do so that I would call back


0492881641 or +61492881641

John commented 2020-09-01
Had a missed call from this number, but when I rang it back, I got a messages saying the number was not connected


0893202678 or +61893202678

manuel commented 2020-09-01
I received a call from this no. to my East Timor mobile no. on 1 sep 2020 at 10:19hrs Dili time