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0289042000 or +61289042000

Satan Claus * commented 2020-08-26
Some users have signed this phone number as "Telstra Tech".


0401562951 or +61401562951

Spam commented 2020-08-26
This is a spam/phising number


0468959967 or +61468959967

Spam commented 2020-08-26
This is a spam/phising number


0413960786 or +61413960786

Anon commented 2020-08-26
I got a strange text message from this number stating my name and 'I'm sorry, I missed sending this out to you then a strange looking URL. I'm not going to click on it.


0272323485 or +61272323485

Louis commented 2020-08-26
Scammers - be carefull...If you call this number back then your hear....Optus advice your that the number has been disconnected.


0358186143 or +61358186143

sally commented 2020-08-26
said they were my internet provider and I had to change my connection, Asking for personal information


0391163221 or +61391163221

Wendy commented 2020-08-26
Just had a call from 0391163221 purportedly from Amazon saying my automatic subscription was about to be renewed and, if I wanted to cancel, then he would guide me through this on the computer. I don't have a subscription to Amazon. This is a fraud and I've been scammed before in a very similar fashion.


0480037488 or +61480037488

+61480037488 commented 2020-08-26
it call me


0460613403 or +61460613403

dan commented 2020-08-26
scam from ATO


0496308525 or +61496308525

David commented 2020-08-26
Claimed to be from NBN and wanted to install security software on my computer.


0370386977 or +61370386977

Dhanesh commented 2020-08-26


0289761912 or +61289761912

Adam commented 2020-08-26
Scam claiming to be department of home affairs.


0260642003 or +61260642003

Barbara * commented 2020-08-25
Music was playing on the phone when I answered the call from this number, then it hungs up. Is this a call center?


0261005369 or +61261005369

Satan Claus * commented 2020-08-25
There are 1478 complaints about spam on this phone number.


0272000660 or +61272000660

Charles * commented 2020-08-25
When I answered the caller said nothing and hung up. This often happens with different numbers


0280156982 or +61280156982

Ethan * commented 2020-08-25
This number is constantly calling, I think it's spam.


0280496150 or +61280496150

Joseph * commented 2020-08-25
This number is calling me again right now, how do I find who it is?


0473946673 or +61473946673

Richard commented 2020-08-25
By tipping my phone sideways I can read the first few words of the menacing sms sent to me. It reads: "Please respond to final notice: action required befo...." I will not open these sms messages as the senders are scammers trying to frighten their recipients. I owe nothing to anyone.


0396005848 or +61396005848

KS commented 2020-08-25
Watch for scall caller claiming to be from Telstra


0436289456 or +61436289456

Lynette Meyers commented 2020-08-25
Nobody answers,so I just hung up. A search on google says it is some love scam no.