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0399891710 or +61399891710

Carson Keat * commented 2021-04-04
I called this number back to find out who it was. The first thing he asked was about my program. I hardly understood him, so I hung up.



Frederick Harrison * commented 2021-04-04
I believe this number is being used by a scam / spam group


0488892056 or +61488892056

Hanna Manalo commented 2021-04-04
He used a fake name of a football player Pedro Santos Scott and a fake photo of Portueges actor Joao Baiao. He claimed he’s working in an oil and rig company and told me he can’t make his own emergency leave and pay for ticket and insurance. When I heard it I didn’t want to help him out but he tricked me just to make the emergency letter than he will take care the rest. But he tricked me blackmailed me if I don’t pay his ticket and insurance he will take his life. He doesn’t have access to his account and his so called company socar daljadi holding his passport and everything. He’s scammer...



Dereck * commented 2021-04-03
They keep calling, saying that they are doing this on behalf of my bank. When I ask why they don't answer and remain vague.


0280036300 or +61280036300

Maria * commented 2021-04-03
I would like to know if it is a holding company



Gabriela * commented 2021-04-03
Beware of scams on this number. He pretends to be San Paolo and asks you to update the system.



Walker Young * commented 2021-04-03
Phone scammers


0499241330 or +61499241330

Gordon Wood * commented 2021-04-03
A scammer extorts different amounts of money under different pretexts


0434289137 or +61434289137

J egg commented 2021-04-03
Phishing scammer using a burner number. Pretending to be a German package delivery agent.


0468408613 or +61468408613

v commented 2021-04-03
received a message regarding an anz account being restricted. a link to open as well (device-history) to comfirm my mobile device. fraudulent phone number as i do not have an anz account


0468868541 or +61468868541

Leanne commented 2021-04-03
BEWARE!! Left a text message saying that my anz account has been temporarily restricted & to click on the link to resolve the issue. Obviously a scam as i dont have any accounts with ANZ & banks would not send a text message regarding any banking issues.


0401420563 or +61401420563

William Lee commented 2021-04-03
Was just subject to attempt at scam/spam by this number.



Nick * commented 2021-04-02
Need name of number owner



Alex * commented 2021-04-02
This number called me many times I ignored this calls


0289170017 or +61289170017

Jacob * commented 2021-04-02
I have more than 10 calls from this number today


0401501215 or +61401501215

Martin * commented 2021-04-02
Just wanted to know who called after 21 00



Ruth * commented 2021-04-02
I search the name of the caller because this number has called me for 4 times starting after 9:00 pm.


0411536256 or +61411536256

Sam commented 2021-04-02
Cold call Sam Trading Dandenong - Wire Rope Fitting Experts Keble's Trading Dandenong


0245084003 or +61245084003

Malcolm commented 2021-04-02
The number- 0245084003 rang just after 8pm at night and when answered, nothing was said from the caller. I hung up as I find these calls disturbing and very rude. If someone rings my number at that time of night, they better have a good explanation or reason, not just stay silent.


0480017597 or +61480017597

Anonymous commented 2021-04-01
I have no idea why this venue would call me at 11:20PM on a Thursday night and not even leave a message - suss much