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0390286967 or +61390286967

Fred commented 2021-01-13
This number was given to me by a scammer pretending to be from Telstra's technical services. They claim someone's trying to hack my connection and I needed to fix it. They wanted me to download an app called Anydesk and to give them my IP address. Apparently it's a known scam that's been around for years.


0433676741 or +61433676741

Unknown commented 2021-01-13
This number called me around 3:30pm of the 13/01/2021 imitating the Australian Taxation agency, saying that my TFN had been suspended and that I needed to pay a fine to unsuspended it. The caller sounded male with an Aussie accent.


0455391284 or +61455391284

Gordon commented 2021-01-13
Recorded message-money was supposed to be taken out off my credit account


0488855093 or +61488855093

R commented 2021-01-13
This is a scammer, block immediately without replying.


0483559533 or +61483559533

Andrea commented 2021-01-13
Text message asking to click a link


0424167120 or +61424167120

Don’t trust commented 2021-01-13
This person will scam you


0436997799 or +61436997799

Jacqi commented 2021-01-13
I got a text from it (Aussie number). I am expecting a parcel from Sydney so I fell for it. It is a scam and said I had signed up for a subscriptionto for 70 euros per month. I have had to cancel my credit card.


0436997799 or +61436997799

Richard commented 2021-01-13
Missed call from this number - call back and advised it is disconnected! Telemarketing no doubt.


0755871905 or +61755871905

Joan commented 2021-01-13
SCAM- recorded message


0435671507 or +61435671507

Annoyed recipient commented 2021-01-13
This number keeps telling me I've won a gift from JB high fi. I don't remember entering the contest. They spell the words; won as w0n and your Ur Don't bother calling, they end the call. And I haven't received an email verifying the win. Even though they claimed to have been trying to "call and written to you multiple times". SCAM


0483870744 or +61483870744

Keri commented 2021-01-13
Received an unsolicited text in NZ from this number saying my parcel was being held at their Depot. It must be a wrong number or a scam as I have not ordered anything online so I wouldn't answer if you get the same text.


0481952610 or +61481952610

Michelle commented 2021-01-12
Scammer received message advising friend left 81 MillionEuro check with your name on it. Didn’t open the message.


0432218425 or +61432218425

Zarrul commented 2021-01-12
My number


0284175012 or +61284175012

Gregory * commented 2021-01-12
I don't need any insurance! Call your mom with your spam!


0285204016 or +61285204016

Michael * commented 2021-01-12
How can I find out who called me from this number?


0290372525 or +61290372525

Freddie * commented 2021-01-12
This number always rings and then disconnected, so you cannot call back to it


0382025116 or +61382025116

Joshua * commented 2021-01-12
When I answered the call from this number, nothing was heard, only a noise. The call lasted only a few seconds. I did not call back


0391075000 or +61391075000

Satan Claus * commented 2021-01-12
Some users have signed this phone number as "Telstra Consumer Outbound".


0481338614 or +61481338614

Jason commented 2021-01-12
Spam saying click on this link before you miss out on your earnings


0483889533 or +61483889533

Scam commented 2021-01-12
This number belongs to a scammer